Starting on Sunday November 28, 2021, NVCCC will begin a limited in-person worship with a maximum of 30 attendees to our Sunday Service.   

The following guidelines will be followed:

Capacity limit: There is a limit of 30 people every Sunday.  Excluding Pastor, Moderator, Praise Song Leader, Pianist, A/V Coordinators and other co-workers, we are opening 20 spaces each week for brothers and sisters.  Sign-ups to attend the next service open weekly on Monday on a first come, first serve basis.   ​Please sign up using the following form:: 

Social Distancing: Chairs are placed 6 feet apart from each other to comply with social distancing measures.  Chairs may be rearranged to allow people from the same household to sit next to each other while still maintaining 6 feet of distance from others.

Hygiene/safety:  Masks are mandatory for all who attend service (member or guest) and must be worn at all times except when those leading parts of the service are speaking into a microphone. Masks are provided for those who don't bring one.Hand sanitizer is available.

Hybrid service: Services continue to be a live stream in the current format for those unable to attend in person.